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A fictitious defendant is a person that cannot be identified by the plaintiff before a lawsuit is ... However, the hospital records available to the plaintiff may be limited or unintelligible, and the hospital that does have the records may refuse to ...


does are unknown defendants. they are pled to protect the right to substitute later other defendants if it becomes necessary.


Perhaps another attorney can interpret the question, but without more context I think your question is unanswerable. Perhaps you can re-post ...


Nov 18, 2014 ... "To" has the same ambiguity problem as it does in AE. A BE speaker would say something like "1 to 10, inclusive" to be completely clear.


Feb 5, 2018 ... In base 10, 1 + 1 is 2, not 10. But in a lower base, it can equal 10. In base 2 (also known as binary), 10 is the same as base 10 2. So 1 + 1 would indeed make 10 ...


So.. we would do 1*10 which = 10. Leaving us ... You have questioned why does 5 +1*10 equals to 15. At first you have to .... If 1+1=10 then 1+3=? · What is x if ...


public epidemic. At little or no cost to themselves, on a daily basis, senders of UBE – known as. “spammers” – bombard the private computer networks of Internet ...


1 John 1:10 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]. 1 John 1:10, NIV: "If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us."


The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 - 10) ... amendments, two of which, having to do with Congressional representation and Congressional pay, were not adopted.