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A fictitious defendant is a person that cannot be identified by the plaintiff before a lawsuit is commenced. Commonly this person is identified as "John Doe" or " Jane Doe". As the statute of limitations for many torts such as medical malpractice is generally very short, plaintiffs under pressure to issue an originating process ...


Oct 24, 2010 ... A: "Does", "John Doe" or "Jane Doe" are placeholder name used in legal actions for people whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld for legal reasons. " Does 1-100" being used in a particular case probably means that there are up to 100 additional parties (fictitious defendants) to the legal action ...


1 in 1” obviously must mean 100%. If “1 in 1” actually meant half of all people, that would make very little sense. Therefore, “a in b” means a/b, and so “1 in 99” should mean 1/99.


In case you're wondering whether it “really” lines up, it does. Take a look at the bottom row of the regular ... Now for the explanation: How many beans do we have total? Well, that's just the area of the rectangle. ... So let's figure out the sum. If we have 100 numbers (1…100), then we clearly have 100 items. That was easy .


Nov 15, 2007 ... Congress did a serious injustice when it imposed much tougher penalties on defendants convicted of selling the crack form of cocaine — the kind most often used in impoverished, minority communities — than on those caught selling the powdered form of the drug that is popular with more upscale users.


Divisor Tables for the number 1 to the number 100.


Spanish Numbers 1-100. Spanish Learning quiz · Numbers from 1-10/Numeros del uno al diez quiz · Numbers from 21 to 99/Numeros del 21 al 99 quiz · Numeros del 100 al 1000 quiz · Spanish Worksheets Spanish Numbers 1-100 0: cero (say-ro) 1: uno(oo-no) 2: dos(dose) 3:tres(trace) 4:cuatro(kwat-ro) 5:cinco( sink-o)


Sep 15, 2009 ... When giving a telephone number, for example, the French usually do so in two's. In other words, a French phone number would be written like this: and they would say it like this: onze … cinquante-cinq…soixante-trois…quatre- vingt-douze. When talking about money, the French would usually ...


If the scale of the plan is 1 : 100, this means the real measurements are 100 times longer than they are on the plan. So 1 cm on the plan represents a real length of 100 cm (1 metre). Try these … You teacher will give you some plans to work on. Measure the lengths and complete each table. At the end of the activity. Describe  ...