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STATE OF NEW JERSEY, Plaintiff-Respondent, v. ... Defendant did not reveal the source of his alleged $1200 monthly income, did not submit his ... shows the trial judge arraigned defendant, even though he was not represented by counsel. .... defender, [which is] why I will not assign a public defender as standby counsel.


Petitioner Mallard, an attorney recently admitted to practice before the District Court, .... The VLP assists lawyers assigned to litigate in areas of the law with which ... There is little reason to think that Congress did not intend "request" to bear its ..... assigned to represent plaintiff; if not, the court will find some other attorney to ...


Oct 30, 2014 ... It was translated by John Lau and validated by Guanrong Shen. ... At the arraignment, your lawyer and the prosecutor may discuss the possibility of ... the court will appoint a lawyer from The Legal Aid Society, the Assigned Counsel ... However, it is your responsibility to know when and where to appear.


This is a part of: Understanding the Criminal Court Process ... How can I get help if I'm a victim of a crime? ... You, or your lawyer, and the prosecutor exchange information about the case. ... "return day" (usually the arraignment date) in the court in which the case is awaiting trial. ... You may be assigned another court date.


It is important to be informed about the criminal law in your state. .... against you, the law regards you as a victim. ... A lawyer, or possibly a public defender, will be permitted to accompany you to the ... If the crime is complex or serious, the police then assign an investigating ...... such offers at the time set for the arraignment.


Jun 26, 2003 ... Should his conduct create too much appearance of impropriety and public suspicion, ... Discipline of any lawyer is a serious matter, because it can lead to the ... The case of Hartford, Conn., prosecutor John Massameno was an action for .... informed the court and defense counsel during a trial that the victim ...


An arraignment is usually the first court hearing in a California criminal case. ... Example: John is arrested Friday night for felony assault with a firearm. .... You will want to bring your attorney, if you hire one, as well as any paperwork .... to employ counsel of the defendant's choice or to have counsel assigned for him or her, ...


Meet John S. Foote, your District Attorney The Clackamas County District Attorney's Office ... approximately 30 deputy district attorneys assigned to the following teams: ... of Oregon in all court proceedings thereafter, including arraignment, motions, ... The Property Felony Team is responsible for prosecuting all non-person ...


Why you want litigation counsel: What is “legal malpractice?” . ... Responsibility and Fee-sharing Arraignments . ..... suffered a stroke; his doctor said John needed nursing home care. .... whether the jury will like your Plaintiff before you commit taking the case. .... determining whether a nursing home case is worthwhile.