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Jan 12, 2015 ... Density Basics Density is a measure of how much matter (mass) there is in a given amount of space (volume). Density basically describes how ...


different masses and volumes, but they have the same density. ... Because density does not change, no matter the size of an object, it can be used to identify .

Mar 10, 2010 ... This video illustrates the affect of size and shape on the density of an object. ... How does temperature affect the density of water?


Apr 5, 2014 ... Explanation of the Factors that affect the density of various forms of matter. ... How does density change with temperature and pressure?


Size doesn't affect density because it's still the same material and it's still the same unit.


... that is more dense than water, can affect whether the object will sink or float. The density of the clay used in this activity does not change, but the volume of the object made from the ... The balls should be close in size, about 3 cm in diameter.


Expansion increases the volume which decreases the density because the mass ... of a material remains constant, the size and shape will not affect it's density.


Do cubes of exactly the same size and shape, have the same mass? .... The size, mass, and arrangement of atoms affect the density of a substance. How might ...


-In this activity students are asked the question does the size of an object affect its density? I use clay because it is easily manipulated, and the students can ...