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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift broke through in 2006 with her hit song "Tim McGraw," recorded when she was still 16 years old. Over the next decade she had moved beyond country to become one of the world's biggest pop music stars. Raised just outside of Reading, Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift began singing at local events when she was a kid, and even sang the national anthem at a Philadelphia 76ers basketball game when she was 11. To help Swift pursue her career in country music, her family moved near Nashville, Ten More »
Born: December 13, 1989 (Reading, Pennsylvania)


Taylor had 2 Siamese-Tabby mix cats called Indy and Eliehsen who didn't like anyone else in her family apart from Taylor. She has also had two dobermans ...


Apr 18, 2017 ... Monogrammed kennels? Cuddles with Taylor's cute brother, Austin? Where do we sign up? Related The Reason Taylor Swift Thinks She Has ...


The country-pop star named her pets after her favorite TV characters! Meredith gets her namesake from Ellen Pompeo's Grey's Anatomy character Meredith Grey ...


Apr 27, 2017 ... You Need To Stop Liking These Cats On Instagram — Here's Why ... of that, but unfortunately it is another example of us prioritizing how a pet looks rather than their quality of life." ... "The cartilage and bones do not develop properly, which leads to ... Scottish Fold Breed Cats, Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran Pets.


And Taylor Swift wouldn't have it any other way. ... Only when Taylor Swift daydreams, she does so in the middle of a sold-out arena tour, and not at her office job ...


Jun 19, 2014 ... From Taylor Swift to Ellen Pompeo's pets, Jean Trinh rounds up the best celebrity ... Taylor Swift has a long history of seeking lyrical revenge against her no-good exes. ... “I was looking for a dog because I hadn't had one for a while—and I wanted one that ... Does the name Coleman Hawkins ring a bell?


Mar 14, 2016 ... Ms Swift is a proud cat lady and Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey are internet celebrities in their own right. ... When Taylor Swift isn't partying with her girl squad or penning songs about broken hearts, ... 3. So does Meredith ...


Taylor Swift's cats are no different than our own, and their mom is just as ... They' re essentially no different than any of our cats though with their silly antics, strong desire for treats, and evil stares. ... Olivia has a tendency to sit like this and show the world her belly. ... She does still love to sit like a strange furry human though.


Sep 7, 2017 ... "Are you a sabre-toothed tiger cub? Are you my baby wolverine?" the singer asks her fluffy white kitty.