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Answered 1/6/16. 179 found this helpful. When I was pregnant with my daughter last year I bled for a whole 7 days like my normal period. I didn't know i was ... Now i'm 17 weeks pregnant... trust your body! ... She told me can mean you already miscarried or in the process of miscarry or the baby might still there.


If I have my period for one day and it leaves the second day does that mean that I am pregnant? ... had my period for only one day Monday and I was up at 7:30 am and had a very light bleed which on my first day I'm always heavy. when I woke back up I wasn't bleeding anymore and my tampon only had like old blood. later ...


Apr 25, 2015 ... A light period can be caused by a number of things from health complications to pregnancy and major lifestyle changes. A lighter period can be concerning, especially if your ... to the uterine lining, bleeding can occur. Implantation bleeding is much lighter than a regular period and will only last a day or two.


I never really get ovulation bleeding or spotting in between so i dont know what is going on. Kaylie hamm • 1 year ago. Heya I was woundering I took a pregnancy test on Monday And it come up as a faded line but what i don't get us I come on my period 3 days early I'm really confused what do it mean x. Candy • 1 year ago.


Although pregnant women do not menstruate, some experience vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy that is often mistaken for a period. In fact, approximately one- quarter of pregnant women experience bleeding in the first trimester, according to Marjorie Greenfield, M.D., contributor to DrSpock.com. Since doctors use the ...


Oct 8, 2014 ... To answer the question then, pregnancy symptoms do not start until either a few days before the missed period or at the time of the missed period, both of which are at the ... There are tests at the dollar stores for (you guessed it) a dollar, or you could buy one test at a superstore or grocery store for $3-$4.


Over-the-counter tests are very sensitive and can detect the pregnancy hormone (hCG) in urine by the day of your missed period --and sometimes a day or two .... If you are trying to conceive but still aren't getting pregnant, don't worry but there's good news, it CAN be fixed: one of the specialized forum I download a guide ...


Does Light Period Mean I'm Pregnant? ... Usually, implantation bleeding is lighter than normal periods and it lasts a much shorter time–about a day or two. ... 1. Sex . When pregnant, the cervix tends to have increased blood flow and it is therefore not unusual to spot after intercourse. If you have a cervix polyp which is a ...


If you've had sex since your last period, then yes, you could be pregnant. If you've had unprotected sex, the probability is higher. But, there are loads of things that can cause you to be late or even skip your period. So, what you really need to do is find out. I recommend waiting another 4–5 days and then get a pregnancy test  ...