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"Does not compute", and variations of it, is a phrase often uttered by computers, robots, and other artificial intelligences in popular culture. The phrase indicates a type of cognitive dissonance on the part of the machine in question. The expression of the phrase "does not compute" by robots or computers attempting to ...


Information should not be included in this encyclopedia solely because it is true or useful. A Wikipedia article should not be a complete exposition of all possible details, but a summary of accepted knowledge regarding its subject. Verifiable and sourced statements should be treated with appropriate weight. Although there ...


The activity Is – Is not – Does – Does not helps to define a team. Sometimes, it's easier to describe something by telling what this thing is not or does not. This activity seeks for explaining this way, asking specifically each positive and negative aspect about the team and what it is or what it does. Activity' step by step : 1.


Feb 24, 2018 ... Lulu Ramadan, a 23-year-old reporter who has already covered three mass shootings, responds to the NRA's inflammatory talking points about the media. John Avlon also joins the conversation and explains why the NRA is trying to " deflect and distract."


The product Is – Is not – Does – Does not. Paulo Caroli. 05 April 2017. Sometimes, it's easier to describe something by saying what it isn't. This activity explores how we might explain the product this way, by asking specifically about each positive and negative aspect of the product.


Welcome to This Does Not Compute. 12,663 views 1 year ago. I create videos about retro video games and technology, product reviews, DIY projects and content creation. In my weekly podcast series you'll find some deeper conversations about how all this technology impacts us. Regular videos are typically uploaded on ...


Just like any other type of insurance, travel insurance doesn't cover everything that could happen on your trip. This is a list of what it will not cover.


2 days ago ... While launch awaits, the science does not. Expedition 55 prime and backup crew At the Cosmonaut Hotel crew quarters in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, the Expedition 55 prime and backup crew members pose for pictures by a Soyuz model as part of their pre-launch activities. From left to right are prime crew ...


Feb 20, 2018 ... But this is an academic query: changes to the constitution require the unlikely assent of two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate and three-quarters of the states. The better question is whether repealing the amendment is a must for pursuing gun control. It is not. The Heller majority opinion did not, ...