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If your dog is licking his paws and chewing on his paws, there is likely an underlying problem, from fungal infections to cut paw pads. Learn about common dog paw problems and how to remedy and prevent them.


The pads of the feet of dogs have specialized skin, very different from our own, or from the skin on other parts of the canine anatomy. Cuts, scrapes, and broken ...


Nov 14, 2014 ... There's a way to treat the feet and a multitude of dog paw problems ... Excessive or frequent walking or running can also wear a paw pad down.


Resume your dog's activities fast by using these methods to solving common dog paw problems and accelerate the healing process with paws and pads.


By Henry Cerny, DVM, MS. Foot pad injuries in dogs can range from abrasions, blisters, burns, ulcers, tears, punctures and lacerations. It is important to be ...


A list of paw problems commonly found in dogs and how to recognize them. ... Cracked or dry paw pads can be uncomfortable and even bleed, if the crack is ...


Dog foot problems are common because the pads of a dog's paw are prone to injury. Checking your dog's feet regularly for signs of injury can help identify ...


A discussion of some common dog foot problems, including warning symptoms. ... Foreign objects lodged in the paw, whether it's in the pad itself or in between ...


Sep 11, 2014 ... Dogs with pododermatitis usually exhibit paw licking or chewing and ... not borne entirely on the footpads but on haired skin between the pads.