Read about how a family limited partnership (FLP) can help preserve your assets ... They can donate all or a share of the limited partner interest to their children ...


Mar 18, 2014 ... Family Limited Partnerships (FLP's) are an excellent option to ... advantages—all without ceding control of the assets to junior family members.


A Family Limited Partnership (FLP) is a descriptive term used in asset protection planning for a limited partnership that is owned by family ... 9546007, 9546006 ( extending to FLPs the rationale of United States v. ... FLP creditors are entitled to all assets held by the FLP. ... [For more on charging orders, see §§9:90 et seq.].


Family Limited Partnership and Family Limited Liability Company Valuation Discount Planning ... The FLC/FLP must be run for the benefit of all family members.


A family limited partnership offers many perks, including the ability to transfer wealth at substantial discounts from the fair market value of underlying assets.