Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina nicknamed El Jefe was a Dominican politician, soldier and .... As a response to this disaster, Trujillo placed the Dominican Republic under martial law and began to rebuild the city. After the city was rebuilt he ...


During the United States' occupation of the Dominican Republic from 1916 to 1924, Trujillo joined the Constabulary Guard and was trained by U.S. Marines.


Rafael Trujillo was a dictator of the Dominican Republic for decades. ... During Trujillo's campaign, he organized a secret police force to torture and murder ...


Feb 25, 2019 ... Trujillo entered the Dominican army in 1918 and was trained by U.S. Marines during the U.S. occupation (1916–24) of the country. He rose ...


Dominican Republic Table of Contents ... the new designation of the armed force created under the occupation), Trujillo came from a humble background.


Sep 12, 2011 ... SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Melba Navarro froze at the ... the 30 years of dictatorship under Rafael Trujillo from 1930 to 1961, ...


almost hypocritical that the United States supported, and in some cases helped to maintain, a dictatorship in the Dominican Republic under Rafael Trujillo.


Oct 13, 2012 ... The killing of thousands of Haitians in the Dominican Republic in ... Woman lights candle during events commemorating the 75th anniversary of the massacre ... Republic on the orders of the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo.


May 5, 2017 ... Born in 1891 in San Cristobal, in the Dominican Republic, Trujillo went ... During the Trujillo Era (El Trujillato), the Chief had all the money and ...