Doodlebug or doodle bug may refer to: Contents. 1 Zoology; 2 Film and television . 2.1 Characters. 3 Literature; 4 Vehicles. 4.1 Aircraft; 4.2 Land vehicles.


doodlebug (plural doodlebugs) ... (historical, "doodlebug tractor") An automobile converted into a cheap tractor for a small farm during the Second World War.


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Jan 13, 2016 ... The term “doodlebug” seems to have arisen in 1800s, initially meant to once again mean, “idiot.” Today, the term has evolved to describe ...


English slang names include: roly poly (spelled many ways), doodlebug, woodlouse, woodbug, armadillo bug, ball bug, bowling ball bug, hardy back, potato ...


Ant lion larvae next to a quarter, 2008. Image from Flickr user mictlan74. Doodlebugs, or ant lions, belong to the order of insects Neuroptera and are found in ...


Doodlebug definition, the larva of an antlion. See more.

Jun 1, 2014 ... Its easy to catch a Doodle bug. Tack a piece of thread and moving in its hole { which its leaving under soil} until that catch the thread. Then take ...


Doodlebug definition is - the larva of an ant lion; also : any of several other insects.