McClelland et al. used ultrasound imaging to compare 25 breastfeeding ..... Kapoor et al., 2017: Kapoor, V., Walsh, L., Tennat, M., Douglas, P.S.,&Hill, P.S., 2017.


This article explores the relationship between understandings of domestic violence and the child protection response drawing on material gathered in focus  ...


WALSH AND DOUGLAS—SENTENCING PARENTS factor.4 In ... impairment, for example.9 In York v The Queen,10 the High Court of Australia ...... Karen R Fisher et al, 'Cost of Providing Specialist Disability Services and Community.


Roberts, Foehr, Rideout, & Brodie, 1999; Anderson & Dill, 2000; Walsh, 2000). ... et al. (1988) have shown that children who use computers to play games ...... and by not being able to assess the type of violence (e.g. realistic vs. cartoon-style).


Merritt v. The Queen. 117. RMM Canadian Enterprises Inc. et al. v. .... Hunter Douglas was assessed Canadian withholding tax on the dividends that it ... in which Walsh J stated that the court has the right to interpret the tax treaty itself and is in ...


ance and children's use of media (e.g., Dorr & Rabin, 1995; Huston et al., 1992; Lin & Atkin, ... D.A. Gentile, D.A. Walsh / Applied Developmental Psychology 23 ( 2002) 157–178 ...... Parents and the V-chip: a Kaiser Family Foundation survey.


Case opinion for US Supreme Court MCDONNELL DOUGLAS CORP. v. ... With him on the briefs were R. H. McRoberts and Thomas C. Walsh. ... 253, 42 U.S.C. 2000e et seq. ... The drivers were also instructed to stop their cars, turn off the engines, pull the emergency brake, raise all windows, lock the doors, and remain in ...


CASE et al. v. ... Mr. Justice DOUGLAS delivered the opinion of the Court. ... The debtor is a holding company owning all of the outstanding shares of the capital stock (except for certain qualifying shares held ..... P. R. Walsh Tie & Timber Co. v .


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