... chemicals (12 percent of sales) are used internally by Dow as ... Markets include dry cleaning, paints and coatings, snow and ...


The Dow Chemical Company Diamond ... DOW surfactants for household and industrial & institutional cleaning applications include many ... for cleaning product applications – from commercial dishwashing detergents to home floor and carpet ...


Find out which of Dow's almost 200 surfactants are right for your application here. ... The Dow Chemical Company Diamond ... Hard Surface Cleaner, Fast wetting, detergency, foam, good rinsing, low color, component compatibility (disinfectant ...


Dow Chelating Agents help cleaning formulations in two important ways. ... liquids; Car and truck washes; Commercial laundry detergents; Janitorial cleaners ...


Dow offers formulation expertise and a vast portfolio of chemistries to help brand owners develop home care products that give consumers a brighter clean.


DOW surfactants include many familiar anionic and nonionic products. ... cleaners and enhance industrial and institutional cleaning product formulations. ... Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow.


DOW oxygenated solvents offer an extensive combination of basic physical and performance ... in a wide range of household and industrial/institutional cleaners and degreasers. ... The Dow Chemical Company Diamond ... Product Center.


Dow's broad portfolio of ingredients help brand owners develop products to ... solutions for multi-functional home care products that help enable clean and .... Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow ...


Dow Microbial offers technology for rapid decontamination and extended preservation of household and janitorial (institutional and industrial) cleaning products.