... chemicals (12 percent of sales) are used internally by Dow as ... Markets include dry cleaning, paints and coatings, snow and ...


DOW Surfactants - Household Cleaners · Applications · Cleaning .... Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow.


Dow Chelating Agents help cleaning formulations in two important ways. ... liquids; Car and truck washes; Commercial laundry detergents; Janitorial cleaners ...


With almost 200 surfactants in our product line, choosing the right product can be a ... Janitorial Cleaner, Wetting, dispersing, detergency, good rinsing, low ...


Dow offers formulation expertise and a vast portfolio of chemistries to help brand owners develop home care products that give consumers a brighter clean.


DOW oxygenated solvents offer an extensive combination of basic physical and performance ... in a wide range of household and industrial/institutional cleaners and degreasers. ... The Dow Chemical Company Diamond ... Product Center.


Dow Chelating Agents improve the performance, appearance and shelf life of a wide ... systems as well as water used during cleaning results in many advantages.


Dow's innovative formulations and ingredients provide trend-driven solutions for multi-functional home care products that help enable clean and beautiful living.


Dow Microbial offers technology for rapid decontamination and extended preservation of household and janitorial (institutional and industrial) cleaning products.