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Sep 25, 2014 ... Knowing how much current a starter is using will tell you if it's working properly.


If a vehicle dispays no starting or slow starting conditions a starter current draw test may be in order. How to perform a starter current draw test. What is a starter ...


May 3, 2013 ... I was testing an old starter motor that I know used to work well. ... On average they draw between 300 and 500 Amps for average sized car ...


Redoing the electrical system and I need to figure out the amperage draw for the starter motor in order to size the battery, cable, slow-blow fuse,


Does anyone know a ballpark range of what a 12-volt starter draws on ... circuit breaker in between the (+) Battery cable and the starter motor.


What current would you expect the starter motor to take? My son measured ... a starter motor. The solenoid alone will draw about 10A cranking.


Aug 20, 2017 ... It takes a LOT of power to get the rotating assembly - crank, pistons (or rotors), etc . - moving. For reference, try turning your engine over with a ...


Mar 23, 2013 ... On average a 4 or 6 cylinder car will draw about 250 amps for 3 .... 3 years plus wear and tear of the starter motor some are easy to replace and ...


Damage to starting system components can occur when the starter motor is .... If the amp draw is excessive, according to the manufactures specifications, then ...