A tranquillizer gun capture gun or dart gun, is a non-lethal air gun often used for incapacitating animal targets via drugs usually referred as tranquilizers. ... Several immobilizing drugs have been devised for use in tranquillizer darts. ... Chief of Police of Santa Monica, "Tranquilizing agents don't affect everyone uniformly.


A tranquilizer refers to a drug which is designed for the treatment of anxiety, fear, tension, ... from the conclusions of investigative studies using the drug Reserpine, showed the drug had a calming effect on all animals it was administered to.


When a person starts abusing tranquilizers, the effects can not only be seen in the ... A person abusing these drugs may not care as much about performance and so ... effects of tranquilizer abuse in a loved one should note if there have been ...


This means that when alcohol and a sedative drug are mixed, it can serve to make ... Both sedatives and alcohol have mind-altering effects and can lead to poor ...


These drugs have a calming effect and eliminate both the physical and psychological effects of anxiety or fear. Besides the treatment of anxiety disorders , they ...


Prescription sedatives and tranquilizers can cause euphoria. ... Tolerance to the drug's effects can also occur, meaning that larger doses are needed to achieve ...


Tranquilizer Effects and Addiction Symptoms; Tranquilizer Addiction Treatment ... sleep aids. These drugs are habit-forming and have high potential for abuse.


Drugs that can classified as tranquilizers are barbiturates, benzodiazepines, ... Barbiturates have been used in the past for their hypnotic and anti-anxiety effects.


Apr 15, 2013 ... Addiction Hope offers free information on drug addiction and substance ... Since tranquilizers have the capacity to produce a calming effect, the ...