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17 Things to Do at School ... Tell your teachers on the first day of school that you aren't allowed to talk to strangers. ... Like, seriously folks, don't be stupid.


Things to Do at School. Say "yo soy sandi" (In ... 10 Things to Do with Diet Coke and Mentos 2 liter bottles work best, ... 13 Things to Do If You Suddenly Get Turned into Stone Although it's ... of these things. Like, seriously folks, don't be stupid.


100 Funny Things To Do In School And Class if you're bored .... Draw a cartoon of the teacher, making him/her look stupid. Sign the cartoon ...


253 Things To Do In Class When You Are Bored! ... Talk about the road kill squirrel you saw on your way to school. Say that it is your dinner. ..... Act like your professor is stupid for not being able to understand you. Get other ...


May 19, 2014 ... Peeing in the hallways of their schools, throwing shovels at each other and ... The reason we're pointing out all the stupid things teenagers have been up ... What Happened: 11-year old didn't want to do his chores, so he rode ...


Read 100 Funny Things To Do and some random stuff from the story Fun Things ... 12) Come late to school and when the teacher asks why say your pet rock had a ... plastic ball at some body and then yell "get in your ball you stupid pokemon.


Nov 16, 2016 ... Middle school was such an awkward time, no matter who you were. Whether you were the most popular kid in your grade, or pretty much ...


Nov 14, 2014 ... This is probably more high school than middle school, but brag about ... Some stupid game where being the most miserable makes you coolest.


Sep 30, 2008 ... If was younger, smarter and less prone to arson, I would probably be starting back at school right about now. As millions head back to the ...