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thetes (Bor et al., 2014; Howells, 1944; MacLeod & Dunbar, 1988), and it is now established that many grapheme-colour synaesthetes learned their letter ..... guages than of transparent languages (2.8% vs 1.2%, Fisher's Exact p = 0.018), and a higher rate among speakers of alphabetic than abugida languages (3.0% vs ...


Apr 1, 2007 ... One of the only other acute PID treatment trials published since the 2002 CDC guidelines were published was performed in India by Malhotra et al. [36]. .... TOAs whose conditions did not respond to broad-spectrum antibiotic regimens were older than those who were cured (mean age ± SD, 45.3 ± 6.6 vs.


Court of Appeals, Division One. ACTIVE CIVIL CASES. Return to Case Lists · Get Acrobat Reader. NOTE: Click on the case number to view the current activity in the case. Click on the column names to sort the list. This page is provided as a convenience and is scheduled to update nightly. The official case record is ...


United States Environmental Protection Agency, Respondentcommonwealth of Massachusetts, et al., Intervenors ... Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, et al., Defendants, Appellees.stanley A. Rodowicz, et al., Plaintiffs, Appellees, v. ...... Aaron Herbert Lease, Defendant-appellant,michael C. Dunbar, Trustee


Karlsson et al. (2001) reported that the attitudes of Swedish nursing staff towards the use of physical restraints were strongly connected towards their use in practice. Nursing staff working on 'restraint-free' wards had more negative attitudes (were least prone to use restraints) towards restraint use than nursing staff working ...


Jul 1, 2003 ... All this leads to conviction of the innocent along with the guilty. Once convicted, this injustice is seldom undone. It is uncomfortable to believe that in- ...... ing that they have to treat [all] citizens with respect.” See: Phelan v. Valencia, et al., No. 00-C-5683, U.S. District Court,. Northern District of Illinois, Eastern ...


v. Case No.: 3:07-cv-545. TAMMY ESTEP, et.al. Defendants. THIRD AMENDED COMPLAINT. STATEMENT OF JURISDICTION. Jurisdiction of this Court is invoked ... Virginia and at all times relevant herein was employed as a corrections officer ... inmates and Plaintiffs Pearl Quinn, Jacquelyn Dunbar, and Amber Muse.


Sep 25, 2006 ... L. Freitag et al. A Shallow Water Acoustic Network for Mine Countermeasures Operations with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. In Underwater .... Ramaswamy Murali , Brian L. Hughes, Random access with large propagation delay, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (TON), v.5 n.6, p.924-935, Dec.


(Kayashima et al. 2017). While Dr. Maeda's own research during the last half of this period was greatly affected by the passing of her spouse and colleague Oliver Smithies .... The research activities of V. Nickeleit, MD focus on different aspects of renal allograft pathology. ...... adhoc NIH/NHLBI Hemostasis and Thrombosis.