Free Willy is a 1993 American family drama film directed by Simon Wincer, produced by Lauren ... Jesse's social worker Dwight (Mykelti Williamson) earns him a reprieve by finding him a foster home and having him clean up the ... Wade meanwhile informs Dial that Willy is missing, and launches a search to find the fugitives.


Honorary pallbearers will be Lester Vaught and Dwight Dials. ... Dials said that Vennari had a lot of wisdom from his years working in the school system.


... granting Defendants Mingo County Board of Education and Dr. Steven L. Paine's 98 MOTION for Summary Judgment; granting Defendant Dwight Dials' 102 M ...


Dwight: [on phone] Hello, am I the 107th caller? [hangs up, dials again] Hello, Rock 107. Am I the 107th caller? [hangs up and dials again] Hell , Rock 107.


Jennifer Workman, Mingo County Board of Education, Dr. Steven L. Paine & Dwight Dials (state superintended of schools), West Virginia Department of Health ...


Realizing that he's dangerous, Charlotte auto-dials Dwight. Kirk demands her to fix him, and Charlotte says that she doesn't have a cure to the Troubles yet.


Dwight and Michael worry about other homosexuals working in the office without .... suggests that somebody programmed his phone to speed-dial Hong Kong.


Dec 9, 2010 ... Superintendent of Schools; DWIGHT DIALS, Superintendent. Mingo County Schools; WEST VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND.


Dwight, Oh Micheal, no, come on you have to charm em [Dials phone]. Receptionist, David Wallace's office. Dwight: Hey there gorgeous, how are you doing ...