Elaine Manlove 905 S. Governors Ave, Suite 170, Dover DE 19904. Telephone: ( 302) 739-4277. Email: coe_vote@delaware.gov. Elections New Castle County.


Democrats. Elaine Manlove, Term to expire Jun 23, 2020. State Election Commissioner ex officio; Sharon A. Williams-Mayo, Term to expire Jul 1, 2019. At -large


Elaine Manlove has been employed by the State of Delaware as Election Commissioner since 2007 following eight years as Director of the Department of  ...


Mar 6, 2018 ... Elaine Manlove explains how the state's existing machines work and describes what the state is looking for in new machines.


Page 1. Elaine Manlove. Commissioner. Department of Elections. State of Delaware. Page 2. eSignature stands for Electronic Signature. eSignature is a voter ...


Oct 27, 2018 ... Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove issued a ruling Friday saying her office found no wrongdoing by Treasurer Ken Simpler or state Sen.


Assistant to the Secretary for Elections, Connecticut. Elaine Manlove. State Elections Commissioner, Delaware. Steve Sandvoss. Executive Director, Illinois State ...


Mar 7, 2019 ... Elaine Manlove, commissioner of the state's Department of Elections, expects voters to feel right at home when casting their ballots on the new ...


Membership in NASED is limited to state officials whose primary responsibility is the administration of elections at the state level in all 50 states, American ...