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Ph. D. in Ecology & Evolution, Florida State University, (2004). M.Sc. in Biology, University of Victoria, (1997). B.Sc. in Biology, University of Victoria, (1990).


Eric L. Walters home page. Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University. A description of his scientific research, CV, and contact information.


Joining My Lab. We have many opportunities in the Walters Lab. I will consider ...


99*, 2002. Red-breasted sapsucker: Sphyrapicus ruber: Red-naped sapsucker: Sphyrapicus nuchalis. EL Walters, EH Miller, PE Lowther. Birds of North America  ...


Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University. Members of the Walters Lab.


That niches of competitors in ecological communities are shaped by mutual coevolu- tion, which thus allows many species to coexist, is a commonly-held view.


Quercus is one of the most abundant and economi- cally important genera of woody plants in the North- ern Hemisphere. To infer phylogenetic relationships.


Jun 23, 2016 ... Eric L. Walters conceived and designed the experiments, analyzed the data, contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools, wrote the paper, ...


Anna C. B. Prinz, Vikas K. Taank, Vincent Voegeli, Eric L. Walters. (2016) A novel nest-monitoring camera system using a Raspberry Pi micro-computer. Journal ...