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Example: Rosie is the funniest cat in my neighborhood. Rule 4: For one-syllable words (fat), the ending consonant should be doubled before adding er or est. ... Use the rules you have learned to add the suffixes er and est to the following words. Use the suffix in the ( ) after the base word. Write the new word on the line.


Learn the difference between absolute, comparative & superlative adjectives. Find out the definition of each type, get examples & exercise using them.


Plenty of English words end in either –ious or –eous, but are you always sure that you're choosing the correct spelling? Here are some examples ... Words ending with -ious are far more common than those ending in -eous, but unfortunately there are no set rules which can help you choose the correct one. Here are some  ...


Thus, doubling a consonant can be called "protecting" a short vowel because it prevents an incoming vowel from getting close enough to the first one to change its ... Odds and Ends. 1. The consonants, v, j, k, w, and x are never doubled. 2. No normal English words ends with the letter v. A final /v/ is always spelled with ve, ...


When to double the final consonant: When a one-syllable word has a single vowel followed by a single consonant at the end, the final consonant is doubled before a suffix beginning with a vowel. Confusing? Let's look at some examples. One-syllable words = run, hit, push, shoot, jump, fly, spin, eat; One-syllable words with ...