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Body jewelry sizing is a little tricky at first glance, but it's easy once you understand the gauge system! There are two main systems of measuring body jewelry ...


Find plugs & tunnels by size 16G up to 50mm. Filter out the sizes you don't wear and Get right on to the ones you need. 16G Plugs Ear Gauges Category


Look no further for a gauges size chart, PlugYourHoles has you covered! We have created a plug size chart for you to reference that you can access online.


Gauge Sizes. The gauge size chart is an important tool for anyone stretching their ears. It is important to stretch slowly and safely, increasing only one gauge at a ...


These are the standard sizes used for each piercing in body jewelry. ... These are the standard gauges and lengths used by professional piercers. .... An ear plug length is measured from the inside edge of the horizontal line, as shown in the ...


Ear jewelry sizes are generally measured in 'gauges', which typically run from around 20g to 00g. Any size larger than 00g would be referred to in millimeters or  ...


When you first decide to stretch your ears and you don't know where to start, ... Ear Gauge Sizes and More. ear gauge chart. Bigger Gauge chart coming soon!


ear gauge size chart actual size | EAR CHART. from tribalgauges.com · Body Piercing charts | ... Custom/Back Orders FAQ Jewelry Sizing Chart Reviews.


Ear gauge size chart can be used as a reference source when one wants to stretch his or her ear piercing. Know more about this practice that has been a part of ...