The history of West Africa began with the first human settlements around 4,000 BCE. ..... The rural dwellers lived in villages, which joined together into broader ...


Kids learn about the history of the daily life in Ancient Africa including food, housing, typical jobs, clothing, entertainment, and other interesting facts.


Early West African society ... along the rivers—the Senegal, Gambia, Niger, Volta, and Congo—most West Africans lived in small villages and identified primarily ...


Villages in ancient Africa were more than communities. They were teams. They all pitched in to take care of the children. They believed in working together for ...


The history of the introduction and dispersal of village chickens across the African continent is a subject of intense debate and speculation among scholars. Here ...


Description of Africa before European slavery from the history of the ... systems were smaller and weaker, relying on agreement between people at village level.


Stone-walled kraals from early Sotho and Tswana settlements (South Africa and .... Most notable are those built in the lakeside village of Ganvié in Benin.

Apr 14, 2013 ... Daily life in rural villages in West Africa, specifically in Mossi villages in Burkina Faso. I have included scenes of farming, harvesting, planting, ...


Oct 31, 2013 ... African continent is the world's oldest populated area. Arabic is ... A fishing village in Ghana is a bustle of activity as traders come and go.