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The largest recorded earthquake in the United States was a magnitude 9.2 that struck Prince William Sound, Alaska on Good Friday, March 28, 1964 UTC. The largest recorded earthquake in the world was a magnitude 9.5 (Mw) in Chile on May 22, 1960. The earliest reported earthquake in California was felt in 1769 by the ...


Earthquakes can strike any location at any time. But history shows they occur in the same general patterns over time, principally in three large zones of the earth. The world's greatest earthquake zone, the circum-Pacific seismic belt, is found along the rim of the Pacific Ocean, where about 81 percent of the world's largest ...


Enjoy our awesome range of Earth facts for kids. Check out the cool trivia and have fun learning about some of our planet's most amazing features. Interesting facts about earthquakes Earthquake Facts. Check out our interesting earthquake facts for kids. Find a range of information that will teach you what causes ...


Learn more about what an earthquake is and what causes earthquakes. Read about the deadliest and strongest earthquakes to have hit the planet and where earthquakes most commonly occur.


Sep 17, 2016 ... Earthquakes kill approximately 8000 people each year. Explore more interesting facts about the biggest, baddest, and most (in)famous earthquakes here.


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Jun 1, 2014 ... There are several interesting earthquake facts. For instance, the point where it originates under the ground is called hypocenter.


Earthquakes are the sudden shakes that occur on Earth. They are caused by the moving of tectonic plates. When these tectonic plates slide past each other, they tend to squeeze and cause tension. This tension is an earthquake.


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