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These low-maintenance houseplants are recommended by HGTV Gardens experts.


Sep 28, 2017 ... Don't let anyone fool you — growing indoor plants is easy, and just as fun as having an outdoor garden. Indoor plants not only help clean the environment around them, but they act as a quick decorating tool. We found 15 indoor house plants that anyone can keep alive and thriving. If you've got kids or pets, ...


Make your indoor gardening simple by choosing any of these durable, easy-to- grow plants.


These 19 Easiest Houseplants are perfect for lazy, busy and newbies, who want to plant easy indoor plants that grow with minimal care.


Grow these no-fuss houseplants to bring life and color to your home.


Apr 14, 2017 ... Okay, even the toughest plant is not indestructible, but with a few expert tips you can beat the odds. "You can kill anything," says Sharon Nejman, senior horticulturist at the Chicago Botanic Garden. That includes giving a potted friend too much sun or H2O. "The roots can't handle the absorption and start to ...


Mar 4, 2015 ... The name may plant horrible images in your head, but spider plants are actually known to be one of the most adaptable and easy to care for houseplants! Medium light, moist soil, and comfortable room temperatures will keep them alive in your dwelling. Is it safe for cats and dogs? The ASPCA says yes.


Jun 7, 2017 ... Some houseplants pretty much grow themselves. In fact, your biggest problem may be what to do with all the baby plants they'll produce. Almost all the indoor plants shown here can be grown in the indirect light from a window and like the same indoor temperatures as most people (55 - 75 degrees F.) A ...


Feb 20, 2017 ... Love houseplants but terrible at taking care of them? Meet 8 easy care house plants that are nearly impossible to kill. (Some even LIKE being ignored!)