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The Egyptian language was spoken in ancient Egypt and was a branch of the Afro-Asiatic ..... Some examples of Egyptian words that have survived in English include ebony (Egyptian 𓍁𓈖𓏭𓆱 hbny, via Greek and then Latin); ivory (Egyptian ꜣbw, ...


The various spellings of some terms with short explanations.


A, B. ankh, the Egyptian symbol for life. ba, the physical vitality present in a living thing. cartouche, an oval frame used to surround the hieroglyphic name of any ...


Glossary of terms used in Egyptian history including those of foreign origin like ' cartouche,' 'caliph' and 'portico'


Akhet One of the three seasons in ancient Egypt. ... Anubis The Egyptian god of the dead, mummies and embalming. .... The word shemu means “low-water”.


Kids learn about Ancient Egyptian Glossary and Terms. Important words and definitions you need to know about this civilization.


Word, How it sounds, Meaning. er, to. em, in. ankh, live(s). ha, go(es) down. weben, shine(s). dewa, worship(s). mer, love(s). kha, appear(s). khed-ef, he goes  ...


Shentis (n) - a white robe that ancient Egyptians wore. Outzait(n) - amulet mostly made of gold. Papyrus (n) - a plant found in the nile river valley used to make ...


Mar 15, 2006 ... Ancient Egyptian also uses meaning-signs, called 'determinatives'. These are written at the end of a word, after the sound-signs, to tell us the ...