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A page-turner is a person employed to turn sheet music pages for a soloist, often a pianist, ... Charles Hallé is said to have invented the automatic page-turner.

Jul 27, 2011 ... My A Level D.T Project, I designed a device to be able to turn the pages of a book for disabled users on a budget of around £100.


The Automatic Page Turner is useful for people with disabilities or for musicians; this product turns pages automatically and reliably, one page at a time.


An automatic page turner is designed to turn and hold a page on a book to promote independence in reading for people with disabilities and decreased hand ...


Pageflip sheet music page turner pedals allow you to flip pages with the tap of a wireless Bluetooth ... man playing piano using a Pageflip automatic page turner.


The PageFlip Lite is the most advanced automatic page turner for disabled people to easily turn book pages hands-free.


A pair of electronic pedals on the floor interfaced wirelessly with a musical ... In the classical piano world, it's standard practice to hire a page turner for a concert.


Enjoy hands-free reading with the PageFlip Lite automatic page turner! The PageFlip Lite offers an innovative solution to musicians who struggle to turn pages ...


Accessibility Package includes Page Turner, Wireless Fist or Foot Switches and Adapter for any Dual Ability Switches. Handles books from 4"x6" to 9"x12" up to ...