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Feb 10, 2014 ... The Court allowed the Plaintiff early discovery to obtain evidence to identify the owner of each IP address, but stated that even if the plaintiff identified the owner of each IP address, that information “tells us very little about who actually downloaded 'ElfMan' using that IP address.” Elf-Man, LLC v. Cariveau ...


Jan 9, 2015 ... We have been impatiently waiting for Judge Rice's order on the defendant's motion for attorney fees in a landmark Bittorent lawsuit Elf-Man v. ... and forged signatures filed in nearly 200 cases nationwide — reaches its critical mass and attracts interest of the FBI, we will see a downfall bigger than Prenda's.


Maureen VanderMay has filed an identical mass subpoena in Eastern Washington: Elf-Man, LLC v. Does 1-152 case No. C13-0507RSL. Justice Robert Lasnik notes in the Order to Show Cause Quashing all Subpoenas: “As the full extent of this assignment has become clear, the Court admits to some concerns regarding ...


This is your typical greedy troll elf 033072866-grumpy-greedy-miserly-young-ma P2P case where Elf-Man, LLC filed “boilerplate” lawsuits against Does 1-152. As typical with these cases Elf-Man listed only IP addresses (at first) alleged to have downloaded the video. The court granted a motion to dismiss because of lack of ...


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