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Coma, from the Greek word "koma," meaning deep sleep, is a state of extreme unresponsiveness, in which an individual exhibits no voluntary movement or behavior.
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Often lumped under the label of “Coma” are three stages of disordered consciousness. Disorders of Consciousness (DOC) are a set of disorders that effect a person's ability to be awake. DOC includes coma, the vegetative state ( VS) and the minimally conscious state (MCS). These disorders (see sidebar at right for further ...


Mar 4, 2011 ... Chris's Mom says that emerging from a coma is nothing like you see in a soap opera. They don't wake up and everything is great.


Aug 22, 2017 ... Coma is common with severe brain injuries, especially injuries that affect the arousal center in the brain stem. Understanding coma can be difficult because there are many levels of coma. In general, coma is “a lack of awareness” of one's self and what is around one. A person in a coma can't sense or ...


Jun 21, 2014 ... I know what it's like to come out of a coma. Michael Schumacher's return to consciousness brings back powerful memories for a writer who was considered lost to the world after suffering bacterial meningitis. Paul Clements during his recovery in hospital after emerging from a coma Photo: COURTESY PAUL ...


"But 'waking up' is a slow process of what we call 'emerging.' The first part ... It should be remembered that sometimes, while a patient is in a coma, they may exhibit behaviors which mimic conscious behaviors. For instance ... This is the hard truth about coma; we do not know if or how well any particular patient will recover.


Oct 14, 2017 ... Las Vegas shooting victim Tina Frost takes first steps after emerging from coma. Comment; Share; Tweet; Stumble; Email. Last Updated Oct 14, 2017 3:03 PM EDT. CROFTON, MD. -- A 27-year-old Maryland native who was shot in the head during the Las Vegas shooting has emerged from a coma and ...


Oct 14, 2017 ... The Maryland native shot in the head during last week's Las Vegas shooting massacre emerged from a coma last week and took her first steps without assistance.


Some individuals rapidly emerge from coma and briefly remain in the minimally conscious state before recovering a higher level of consciousness with mild impairments. Others may have a longer period in the minimally conscious state after emerging from the vegetative state and then usually have a greater degree of ...


Jun 27, 1982 ... The first positive sign that a brain-damaged patient is emerging from coma with a chance for a significant recovery is often a display of agitation, even aggression. Only a well-coordinated brain, structurally speaking, can produce the kind of disorganized behavior that appropriately reflects the frustration ...