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Children grow and change in many ways during their primary school years. As well as growing physically, children develop socially, emotionally and cognitively.


Emotional development reflects social experience, including the cultural context.


The significance of social and emotional development is seen in every area of a child's life. A child will have a strong foundation for later development if he or ...


Emotional development refers to the ability to recognize, express, and manage feelings at different stages of life and to have empathy for the feelings of others.1  ...


Strong, positive relationships help children develop trust, empathy, compassion and a sense of right and wrong.


Mar 7, 2017 ... Social-emotional development includes the child's experience, expression, and management of emotions and the ability to establish positive ...


This is a guide to strengthen emotional development for your infant or child.


Your child is growing every day! Learn the developmental tasks involved in the social and emotional development of children with this helpful overview of ...


During these years the brain undergoes its most dramatic growth, setting the stage for social and emotional development. Language blossoms, basic motor ...