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These emotional poems are sacred to my heart and each has a strong attachment to the events that have shaped and molded me. Granted, most poetry, at least ...


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It is really a very touching poem. Awesome. I'm not able to express my feelings but I think through this poem, people would at least try to understand me. Thanks.


A human shows emotion through tears , laughter , smiles. The human face has 24 different emotions yet the water stains on her cheeks was never stated as one  ...


Human Emotions poems. Poems for Human Emotions.


Emotions poetry: ... (Part 1: http://hellopoetry.com/poem/738250/almond-eyes/) Come spring, she leaped across the grassy dune. In her ageing almond eyes, ...


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Nov 10, 2016 ... How to Write Emotional Poetry. Poetry that is full of emotion can be an effective way to connect to your reader and share your experience with ...


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