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Engine number may refer to an identification number marked on the engine of a vehicle or, in the case of locomotives, to the road number of the locomotive.


On multi-engined aircraft, aircraft engine positions are numbered from left to right from the view of the pilot looking forward.


Learn how to identify a Briggs & Stratton engine by learning how to find the model & serial number, type and engine codes.


If you need to find your Briggs & Stratton engine information we can help! The number model system consists of three series of numbers. The first number you ...


How to Find the Chassis and Engine Number. The chassis number is the last six digits of your car's Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), so you need to find the ...


Find the model name and the frame serial number for your Honda Engine.


Engine Type Identification. Honda Engines use a standard model naming convention. Finding the Engine Model. To find the model number, look for a model ...


After the delay, the ejection charge is activated, which activates the recovery system. What do the engine codes mean? Each engine has a letter-number- number ...


Your Vanguard engine part numbers can be found in your engine's Illustrated Parts Lists (IPL). In order to download and view the correct Illustrated Parts List ...