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e.p.t™ provides the pregnancy tests that deliver clear, reliable results with over 99% accuracy 5 days sooner. Millions of women have trusted e.p.t™. since 1977.


Our e.p.t™ home pregnancy tests are some of the best pregnancy test kits on ...


Regular e.p.t™ home pregnancy tests offer analog readings for test results.


I have used the test but no blue line has appeared in the square window.


The e.p.t™ Digital Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate from the day of your  ...


Instructions for the e.p.t. pregnancy test should come in the box with the product. If you're ... You can find more information on the e.p.t. pregnancy test website.


Early Pregnancy Test is commonly known as the EPT Test. The EPT pregnancy test lives up to its name. So if you are looking for the right pregnancy test to ...

Feb 5, 2013 ... Watch as Parents Magazine shows you how to take an EPT pregnancy test! EPT offers two types of pregnancy tests -- digital and non-digital.


As far as pregnancy tests go, the EPT are considered some of the best out there. ... Although the technology and accuracy in the early pregnancy test kits have ...