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Politics of Eritrea takes place in a framework of a single-party presidential republican totalitarian dictatorship, whereby the Eritrean President is both head of state and head of government ...


Political structure of Eritrea. Eritrea's president Isaias Afworki, the national government, judiciary.


In a damning report into human rights abuses, the UN accused the government of crimes against humanity. By UN estimates, hundreds of thousands of Eritreans ...


Africa :: ERITREA. Page last updated on November ... Introduction :: ERITREA. Panel - Collapsed. Background: ..... Government :: ERITREA. Panel - Collapsed.


Government Name: State of Eritrea; Constitution: The Constitution of Eritrea was ratified by the Constituent Assembly in 1997, but has yet to be entered into force ...


Eritrea. Events of 2016. Eritrean refugees hold placards during a protest against the Eritrean government outside their embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel May 11, 2015.


Page last updated on January 12, 2017. Country name: conventional long form: State of Eritrea conventional short form: Eritrea local long form: Hagere Ertra


The red triangle symbolizes the blood of the martyrs of the 30 year struggle for liberation. The green triangle symbolizes Eritrea's fertile agriculture, and the blue  ...


Eritrea is governed by a single-party presidential republic, where the president is both the head of state and head of government.