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Filtrexx is the inventor of the compost filter sock. Soxx™ technology for stormwater management, sediment & erosion control, pollutant removal and living walls applications.


Dec 1, 2015 ... Product of the Month: Silt Tube Compost Filter Sock. Silt Tube compost filter sock. The ETS product of the month is our Silt Tube compost filter sock -- an environmentally friendly, versatile, low-maintenance, economical, and natural erosion and siltration control barrier. [More] ...


About Erosion Technology Services. Erosion Technology Services (ETS) is a division of Berlin Lumber in Berlin, OH. We are a fully integrated wood products company with a 75-year history of efficiency and innovation in our industry. Our primary product, US-made compost filter sock called Silt Tube, is the most effective ...


Flow-Through Rates and Evaluation of Solids Separation of Compost Filter Socks versus. Silt Fence in Sediment Control Applications .... such as SiltSoxx (SS) ( Filtrexx Interna- tional, LLC., Grafton, OH) or silt fence (SF) for erosion .... were obtained from Filtrexx International, Grafton, OH. The. SS materials were standard ...


director of research at Filtrexx International,. Decatur, Georgia. Jason Governo is a se- nior engineer Compost Wizard Locust Grove,. Georgia. Rod Tyler is an agronomist at Filtrexx. International LLC, Grafton, Ohio. Gretchen. Gigley is a graduate ... erosion and sediment control practices meet a minimum performance  ...


research, Filtrexx International LLC, Decatur,. Georgia. Kerry A. Sefton is a biologist and Ali M. Sadeghi is a soil ... requiring that erosion and sediment control practices meet a minimum performance stan- dard (South ..... sock was sup- plied by erosion control contractors currently using the compost filter sock technology for.


Rod Tyler is an agronomist at Filtrexx International LLC, Grafton, Ohio. Gretchen ... Flow-through rates and evaluation of solids separation of compost filter socks vs. silt fence in sediment control applications. Journal ... In International Erosion Control Association Conference Technical Session Proceedings, Long Beach, CA.


filter socks will be staked through the center. Source: Filtrexx International,. LLC. A compost filter sock is a type of contained compost filter berm. It is a mesh tube filled with composted material that is placed perpendicular to sheet-flow runoff to control erosion and retain sediment in disturbed areas. The compost filter sock,.


Natural Resources Conservation Service ... Appropriate for slopes up to 2:1 (1:1 if used in conjunction with slope stabilization/erosion control technology on ..... socks in a road ditch by Earth Corps for Indiana Department of Transportation. The filter socks will be staked through the center. Source: Filtrexx. International, LLC.