Europe Facts. Our Europe Facts for Kids bring you lots of interesting and fun facts on the European continent. Europe is the second smallest continent in size ...


Europe is where some of the world's greatest cultures and civilizations originated. ... continent, then read the fun, yet interestingly amazing Europe facts below: ...


Find out interesting population, land mass, countries, languages and wildlife facts , and explore images for kids about the continent of Europe.


Europe, second smallest of the world's continents, composed of the westward- projecting peninsulas of Eurasia (the great landmass that it shares with Asia) and  ...


Collection of interesting and fun Europe facts for kids. We showcase the facts of history, culture, geography, religions, countries and cities about Europe.


Apr 13, 2015 ... Although it has seen its share of ups and downs, Europe is responsible for most of the technology, culture, and language that dominates the ...


Kids learn about Europe and the countries of Europe. Facts such as geography, flags, maps, exports, natural resouces, and languages.


Impress your friends or family with a couple of these fascinating little known facts about Europe - they're sure to turn some heads when you have the opportunity ...


Oct 30, 2015 ... Think you know everything about Europe? Check out our infographic of surprising facts about European countries, and prepare to be surprised.