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Donald Leroy Evans (July 5, 1957 – January 5, 1999) was an American serial killer who ... Evans seized the homeless girl from a Gulfport park and sexually assaulted her, before strangling her to death and dumping her corpse ... Time Magazine, "Serial Killers: Going for The Record" · FindLaw: "DONALD LEROY EVANS v.


Sep 11, 1997 ... Lusk testified that at the time he began meeting with Evans, Gulfport authorities were in ..... D. WHETHER THE STATE FAILED TO TAKE EVANS BEFORE A ...... Caliguri, 99 Wash.2d 501, 512, 664 P.2d 466 (1983); Turner v.


Case opinion for MS Supreme Court EVANS v. ... Lusk testified that at the time he began meeting with Evans, Gulfport authorities were in the ..... P. 11(e)(6) makes clear that the sort of plea bargain discussions that are inadmissible under it ... of cooperation and with hope for leniency, are not inadmissible under 11(e)(6)(D).


The Motion for Approval of Attorney Fees filed by David P. Voisin, counsel for ..... Leslie Smith as Personal Representative of the Estate of Marcus D. Smith v. ..... Timothy Nelson Evans a/k/a Timothy N. Evans a/k/a Timothy Evans a/k/a Tim Evans v. ..... Justia Opinion Summary: Memorial Hospital at Gulfport and Singing River ...


To Grant: Waller, C.J., Carlson and Dickinson, P.JJ., Randolph, Lamar and Pierce , JJ. To Deny: Kitchens and ... Trejo v. Mississippi Date: December 15, 2011. Citation: 2008-CT-02133-SCT. Justia Opinion .... Petition for writ of certiorari filed by Robert D. Evans is denied. To Deny: ...... City of Gulfport Mississippi Date: April 7 ...


ROY NOBLE LEE, Chief Justice, for the Court: Johnny Lee Evans was indicted in the Circuit Court of Harrison County, Mississippi, on charges of kidnapping and ...


Jun 15, 2017 ... Supreme Court of Mississippi Opinion, reported at Evans v. State, 226 So.3d. 1 ( Miss. ... Court, Hancock County, Lisa P. Dodson, J., of capital murder with the ..... The State counters that “[d]efense counsel admitted Evans ...... Harrison. SO. Hancock. SO. Gulfport. PD. Biloxi PD Long Beach. PD. Total 2nd ...


Gulfport, MS ratio of number of residents to the number of sex offenders .... on ( none reported);tattoo on l_arm (p);tattoo on l_hand (love on each finger) .... ( Aliases: Evans, Anthony N; Evans, Anthony Nathanel) ..... (Aliases: Taylor, Corey; Taylor, Corey D; Taylor, Corey Dewayne) ...... (Aliases: Tran, Phi V; Tran, Van Phi ).


D. Reversal Not Prohibited: Wrongful Declination of Jurisdiction ...... XXXVIII Mississippi Law Journal p. ...... that courts of equity should not assume jurisdiction over claims for personal injury. Evans v. Progressive ...... had paid United as a franchise fee for the privilege of operating a United Dollar Store in Gulfport, Mississippi.