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When an individual leaves land in a testamentary trust for use by whites only, are the Fourteenth Amendment rights of African Americans infringed if the court orders the land to revert back to the individual's heirs rather than amend the trust to allow use by people of all races?


Facts. A United States Senator willed property in trust to his home city for the purpose of creating a public park exclusively for the use of white people. His will contained a large amount of information regarding his desire to have separate accommodations for whites and blacks. The park could not continue to operate on a ...


Mar 27, 2017 ... Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital Charles Moss, et. al. - 11th Circuit. Headline: Eleventh Circuit holds Title VII affords relief for gender non-conformity discrimination, but not sexual orientation discrimination. Area of law: Constitutional Law, Civil Rights Issue: Whether a Title VII claim is available for both ...


Mar 14, 2010 ... ACCORD Study Group, Cushman WC, Evans GW, Byington RP, Goff DC Jr, Grimm RH Jr, Cutler JA, Simons-Morton DG, Basile JN, Corson MA, ... Capes S, Hill KL, McCarthy V, Edwards AL, Mitchell DJ, Clearwaters MA, Dielissen C, Gillam M, Hammond B, Jensen H, Kherani A, Lau D, Pringle V, Rabi D, ...


Feb 28, 2015 ... Multi-factorial scoring systems, including Ranson et al[6] and Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE)-II scores[7] have been used since .... and CTSI were significantly higher in the severe AP group, compared with the mild to moderately severe AP group (3.7 ± 1.4 vs 2.7 ± 1.4, P = 0.005; ...


Dec 8, 2010 ... Interestingly, it was found that the VT (expressed as a percentage of VO2peak) of participants with DS did not differ from that of ID controls without DS (DS: 65%–70 % vs controls with ID: 58%–61%). Recent research conducted by Mendonca et al also found similar fractional utilization of VO2peak at the VT ...


Feb 6, 2018 ... Soto, Et Al. H015432. The People v Alfred V. H015433. The People v Julian R. H015440. The People v Larson. H015441. The People v Gomez. H015451 ...... Evans. H029603. Bennion et al., v. County of Santa Clara. H029613. Joung v. Shin. H029624. Lockwood v. Department of Motor Vehicles. H029655.


Jan 15, 2016 ... Mendonca S, Srivastava S, Kapoor R, Gupta D, Gupta P, Sharma M L. Evans syndrome and its link with systemic lupus erythematosus. Saudi J ... In the largest European case series of 68 cases by Marie Michel et al, 34 cases had secondary Evans syndrome and, of these, only seven cases had SLE.


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