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Save your résumé to a USB or hard drive using your Last Name_First Name as the file name. Example: Smith_John. Click on shaded areas in templates and appropriately enter your demographic, academic and employment information. Bring a hard copy of your résumé to MBA Advantage. When applying online for jobs ...


INCUBATEC- Mexico City (January 2005 – May 2006): Coordinator of entrepreneurs program. •. ARTE NAJEL- Chiapas, Mexico (July 2005 – March 2006): Marketing advisor for fair trade project. •. POLE- Nairobi, Kenya (August 2012): Assistance to Mercy Community School to develop business plan. SAMpLE RESUME ...


Collection of real, high-quality professionally developed resume samples for ( master of business administration) MBA job-seekers. Provided at no cost.


Jan 19, 2017 ... Painting an attractive self-portrait is hard, but that's the key to crafting an MBA resume. A powerful resume grabs admissions officers' attention, experts say, which may bring applicants closer to an acceptance letter. Here are 10 tips on how to create an intriguing MBA resume. 1. Provide Examples.


Does Your Resume Stack Up? See how your resume stacks up with VMock, an online tool that provides detailed feedback to improve your resume down to the last bullet point. Free for Stanford GSB alumni. Show More. Downloads. Resume Template · Summary Samples · Action Oriented Verbs · Business Development ...


Feb 12, 2016 ... Your MBA resume is prime real estate for showcasing savvy communication skills through crisp writing and well-chosen words. You can make even the most mundane tasks shine as you bullet-point your professional accomplishments. Here's a real example of a blah bullet point in a client's first draft: ...


View this sample resume for an MBA, or download the MBA resume template in Word.


There is no way any MBA student should not be able to get their resume to one page. If it needs jobs to be dropped at the bottom, roles to be grouped more - whatever, get it to one page. Especially focus on the "hangers" with two or three words on the next line. and Edit. Don't include everything about the ...


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