In biology and human medicine, gravidity and parity are the number of times a female is or has ... Parity, or "para" indicates the number of pregnancies reaching viable gestational age (including live births and stillbirths). ... In biology, the term " gravid" (Latin: gravidus "burdened, heavy") is used to describe the condition of an  ...


Obstetrics deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the post-natal period. Familiarity with ... TPAL terminology is a system used to describe obstetrical history. T — term births ... GPA is the abbreviation for gravida, para, abortus. The patient is ...


Dec 14, 2015 ... Don't worry, G2 P1 is medical shorthand for gravida 2 para 1, a quick way to explain how many pregnancies and births a woman has had.

Aug 8, 2013 ... This video teaches how to use gravida and para clinically.
Dec 16, 2016 ... GTPAL nursing explanation made easy (GTPAL twins explained) with ... Gravidity : number of times the woman has been pregnant (THIS ...


TPAL terminology= A system used to describe obstetrical history. T=term ... gestation (preterm), 0 pregnancies ending in spontaneous or induced abortions, and 2 ... GPA terminology with GPA as the abbreviation for gravida, para, abortus.


“early” to be defined by the. College. Pregnancy should ... GRAVIDA. A woman who currently is pregnant or has been in the past, irrespective of the pregnancy ...


GTPAL is an acronym used to assess pregnancy outcomes. ... Abortion: pregnancy losses before 20 weeks (counts as a pregnancy…so would put in gravidity as well)** if baby died after 20 weeks it is added under ... What is her GTPAL?


Jan 21, 2019 ... For example, a woman who is described as 'gravida 2, para 2 (sometimes abbreviated to G2 P2) has had two ... What is a high-risk pregnancy?