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Aug 2, 2017 ... Like most other parts of your body, your eyelids can get infected, inflamed, or even develop cancer. There are also specific eyelid problems, ...


Read about some of the main causes of eyelid problems, including cysts, styes, blepharitis, dry eyes, ptosis, ectropion and entropion.


Eyelid problems may be caused by irritation or infection. Common symptoms are redness,swelling,itching,and excess tearing; some drainage may also be ...


Jun 21, 2016 ... A sty (a red tender bump) on the eyelid of a patient caused by ... the vitreous (the clear jelly in the center of the eye) and cause visual problems.


Feb 17, 2017 ... There are several common eyelid problems occur due to some specific reasons. Get everything to know about such problems and their ...


What to do if you have a lump on your eyelid, or an eyelid that's swollen, sticky, itchy, drooping or twitching.


Nov 5, 2013 ... Eyelid inflammation blepharitis ... External eyelid stye (hordeolum externum) .... Problems with eyes and ears in the premature baby · Get more ...


Age, some diseases, and certain cosmetic treatments can affect the muscles and skin of the upper and lower eyelids. Often the problem is simply cosmetic.


Jun 1, 1998 ... Eyelid problems range from benign, self-resolving processes to malignant, possibly metastatic, tumors. Inflammation, infection, benign and ...