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View All Companies .... Disability insurance is a must-have part of your financial safety net, as important as life ... Short-term disability insurance can provide complementary coverage but won't be ... problem finding an insurance company to buy long-term disability insurance from, and if ... Monday-Thursday | 9am- 11pm ET


Employers can choose from a variety of plans and customize coverage with ... period of time, long-term disability insurance helps protect their finances and ... Employee Assistance Program is an optional assistance program, offering all the  ...


Learn how long-term disability protects your pay check while you are out of work due to illness or injury, and also helps you return to the workplace.


LTD leave begins after the employee has been out on short-term leave for 26 ... for coverage under the Brown University LTD insurance plan after working at least ... months of an approved LTD leave and the full group-rate premium thereafter.