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Feb 19, 2007 ... He married (2) SARAH ANN STEEN June 14, 1864 in Caldwell Parish,La., daughter of FNU STEEN and FRANCIS LNU.She was born 1840 in ...


College is what you make and while I squandered some of my blessings, I still consider FSU to be an amazing schools. Clubs and opportunities galore! Network ...


This research is supported by the Danish Natural Sciences Research Council ( FNU) and by the Spanish Ministry of Science via collaboration with Vicente ...


Jan 17, 2017 ... Marion Benetti; , Hans Christian Steen-Larsen; , Gilles Reverdin; , Árný ...... for Independent Research (FNU) (grant number DFF-0602-02526B) ...


Bevillingsmodtager: Steen Harle Hansen Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen Awarded Amount: DKK 5,739,980. last modified Jan 04, 2017. Menu.


Saeeda Fatima, Ayesha Jameel, FNU Ayesha and Dhananjai J. Menzies. Version of ... Qi Jin, Peter Karl Jacobsen, Steen Pehrson and Xu Chen. Version of  ...


Dec 28, 2010 ... Steen Mørup, corresponding author ..... for Independent Research, Technology and Production Sciences (FTP) and Natural Sciences (FNU).


Marital status Married to Steen Hansen (2000), children: Massimo (2001) and ... 2009, June Winner of the FNU grant for Women Head of Research (Kvindelige.


Jul 13, 2016 ... ERC Advanced Grant 291092 "Exploring the Quantum Universe" (EQU) and by FNU, the Free Danish ..... [17] Jan Ambjorn and Steen Varsted.