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Location of Slovakia (dark green). – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the European Union (green) – [Legend]. Location of Slovakia in the World. Capital and largest city, Bratislava · 48°09′N 17°07′E / 48.150°N 17.117°E / 48.150; 17.117. Official languages, Slovak · Ethnic groups (2011). 80.7% Slovaks; 8.5% ...


Feb 25, 2015 ... Would you like to visit Slovakia? Slovakia is a country of interesting contrasts. These facts will blow your mind! It's not only Bratislava and High Tatras!


So we did write about Slovakia before, and all you had to see was a variety of interesting photos of this lovely country. But let me ask you, how much do you really know about Slovakia? Average tourist knows very little outside of mainstream European locations, so let us show you some rather interesting facts about Slovakia ...


20 The genes. Slovakia has good genes. These world-famous people have Slovak parents or grandparents: Angelina Jolie (grandfather from Kosice); Audrey Hepburn (grandmother born in Kovarce); Andy Warhol (mother from Mikova); Paul Newman (mother from Pticie); Jon Bon Jovi (grandmother); Ivan Reitman (parents ...


Slovakia is a central European country known for its dramatic natural landscape and many castles. Slovakia is officially known as the Slovak Republic. The.


Information about Slovakia - country profile, facts, trips, tours, outdoor activities and more to do in Slovakia.


Facts about Slovakia. Send to a friend. Print. Official name: Slovak Republic (SR) State formation date: 1 January 1993. State system: republic. Political system: parliamentary democracy (150 members of Parliament elected for 4 years) President: Andrej Kiska (since 15. 6. 2014), elected for 5 years. Prime Minister: Robert ...


All About Slovakia Easy Science for Kids. Learn more all about Slovakia with our free kids science site. Fun Geography for Kids on Slovakia.


May 31, 2016 ... Dubbed as one of the hidden gems in Europe, come and learn about the wonderful country of Slovakia with these 10 interesting facts!