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The United States one hundred-dollar bill ($100) is a denomination of United States currency. ..... "Money Facts". Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Archived from ...


4 days ago ... You probably know the $100 bill is the largest note currently ... Take a few minutes to discover these interesting facts about your money.


The $100 bill is more than just a way to pay for your bigger purchases ─ it contains a great ... Read along and see if you already knew these 10 insane facts !


Jan 8, 2010 ... The $100 is the highest value bill in circulation in the United States. The US stopped producing denominations larger than $100—$500, $1000, ...


Aug 14, 2013 ... In fact, the sheet of paper is somehow made around the ribbon ... The 100 in the lower right corner turns from copper to green — just as a bell in ...


Apr 21, 2010 ... The new $100 bill is so shiny and new it could replace gift cards.


So important was Benjamin Franklin that his portrait is on 10.8 billion $100 notes in ... in fact currently, there are only two non presidents in the front of US bills.


So, of course, I was more than excited when the new $100 bill was FINALLY .... The odd fact that the US Treasury chose to "anti-counterfeit" the $100 bill last is ...


Oct 9, 2013 ... She will entertain and delight you with today's blog post about the very exciting topic of the US $100 bill… Look for more interesting posts from ...