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Find out something you didn't know about Mongolia, from its famous ... Here are ten interesting facts you might not have known about this incredible country.


Nov 22, 2016 ... From yaks to wild horses to camels, Mongolia holds a special relationship with animals and ... Learn more with these interesting Mongolia facts.


Dec 31, 2017 ... With these 66 facts about Mongolia, let's learn more about its history, culture & tradition, economy, geography, people and lots more…


Oct 7, 2017 ... Not many people know much about Mongolia apart from that Genghis Khan was from there. This is unsurprising given the impact of the Khan ...


Apr 17, 2014 ... April 17th, 2014 Mongolia lies in central Asia between Siberia on the north and China on the south. It is a land full of vast emptiness, nearly ...


Dec 29, 2016 ... December 29 is Republic Day in Mongolia, celebrating their independence from China on that day in 1919.


When most people think of Mongolia, they think of Genghis Khan, the famous and feared founder of Mongol Empire. However, there's a lot more to this remote, ...


After a month of eating lots of mutton drinking salted milk tea and yak milk, we came up with our top 9 observations about Mongolia.


FAST FACTS. OFFICIAL NAME: Mongolia. FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary. CAPITAL: Ulaanbaatar. POPULATION: 2,953,190. LANGUAGES: Khalkha ...