Fahmy v. Jay Z. USDC, C.D. California, October 21, 2015 ... rights, an author could transfer all his economic rights while still maintaining his moral rights.


Aug 1, 2008 ... Odette A. Fahmi, Tristan S. Maurer, Mary Kish, Edwin Cardenas, Sherri Boldt and David .... As reported previously (Obach et al., 2007), eq.


Oct 1, 2016 ... As detailed in previous publications (Fahmi et al., 2010; Ramsden et al., .... bupropion or midazolam at Vmax concentrations and NADPH.


Aug 17, 2018 ... Mohammed Al-Fahmi, Michele L. Cooke and John C. Cole. ABSTRACT .... the dome are limited to ground-penetrating radar (Al-Shuhail et al., 2004). Our study ...... model was a product of volumetric structural restorations. ...... but the primary t rends may still generally reflect the similar dome's geometry.


Aug 1, 2018 ... still room for improvement in quantitative prediction of magnitude of drug. interactions .... in vitro [7]. Recent work by Fahmi et al. has demonstrated that ... both in vitro and in vivo studies, CYP3A is the most sensitive. target of ...


Jul 11, 2018 ... ... of a low-relief dome in Eastern Arabia (Al-Fahmi et al., 2016, 2014). ... The S Hmax is recognized to be higher than the vertical stress (Sv) of ...


Mar 16, 2018 ... In general, all sociodemographic characteristics of geriatric patients, such as age, ethnicity, ..... Ramaswamy R, Maio V, Diamond JJ, et al.


May 9, 2018 ... However, what is clear is that all published computational investigations of ...... J.R., Scalmani G., Barone V., Mennucci B., Petersson G.A. et al.


division. I also thank Gosse Bouma, Gertjan van Noord, Joërg Tiedeman, Jori, v ...... Multilingual Information Extraction and Summarization (Fahmi et al., 2007a). ..... based technique could still extract relation tables from non-structured data,.