Fairfield Greenwich Group is an investment firm founded in 1983 in New York City. The firm had ... The firm was founded in 1983 by Walter M. Noel, Jr. (born 1930 in Alabama and raised in ..... The funds are Fairfield Sentry Ltd., Greenwich Sentry LP, and Greenwich Sentry Partners LP. ..... Fairfield Greenwich Limited, et al.


May 23, 2011 ... 452 B.R. 64 (2011). In re FAIRFIELD SENTRY LIMITED, et al., Debtors in Foreign Proceedings. Fairfield Sentry Limited, et al., (In Liquidation), ...


Dec 10, 2018, 11:22 ET ... Joint Liquidators of Fairfield Sentry Limited (in liquidation) ("Sentry"), Fairfield Sentry Limited (in liquidation) ("Sigma"), and Fairfield ...


Aug 6, 2018 ... In re: FAIRFIELD SENTRY LIMITED, et al., Chapter 15, Debtors in Foreign Proceedings. FAIRFIELD SENTRY LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION), ...


Coverage of federal case Anwar et al v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited et al, case number 1:09-cv-00118, from New York Southern Court.


Apr 22, 2019 ... Complaint in Fairfield Sentry Limited, Fairfield Sigma Limited, and Fairfield Lambda Limited, all in liquidation, all of the British Virgin Islands, v.


Jan 6, 2016 ... The all-cash settlement with Fairfield Greenwich investors was ... Fairfield Greenwich Ltd et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, ...


Jul 10, 2012 ... Fairfield Sentry is referenced as a so-called Madoff feeder fund. ... misconduct by Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Wells Fargo, and others.


Under the agreement, Plaza et al. agreed to make a payment of $140 million to .... Liquidators of Fairfield Sentry Limited, Fairfield Sigma Limited and Fairfield ...