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May 1, 2017 ... This video shows you how to make fake water for projects and other than things.
Mar 15, 2014 ... PLEASE NOTE: - my english is not the best, nor my video editing skills, i only did the best i can and only my way! Thank you for your patiente!
Jan 16, 2016 ... This is a quick tutorial on how to make fake water using craft wax for your lego city! -Em.


Making Water for Dioramas -- the Foil and Cellophane Method.


Water in a diorama is one of the best looking things. But it is also one of the most challenging things. Here are my various tutorials on water effects in dioramas. They cover a lot of territory including fake water and real water. If you like to watch videos I have a youtube channel with a whole lot of diorama making videos right ...


How to Make Fake Water for a School Project. A school project such as a diorama requires a bit of creative rethinking when you're trying to re-create natural el.


A school project such as a diorama requires a bit of creative rethinking when you' re trying to re-create natural elements in miniature form. Water poses one of the trickiest possibilities; while you can create a pond, lake or ocean with construction paper, it just doesn't have the look of true water. Craft resins designed ...


Good Evening Everyone :lol: I need to make some fake water... i just looked at minatures.com and saw they had a jar of "scenic water" for 12.99.... and ...


The methods and materials used to replicate water in modeling are as diverse as the shapes and forms nature uses to display water. I almost exclusively use clear casting or epoxy resins, preferably products sold by Faller (A:B-1:1) or SMOOTH- ON (Chrystal Clear, A:B-1:1). Also, I generally use resins with a ...