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Dec 22, 2015 ... 21. REGINALD VELJOHNSON WON THE FAMILY MATTERS GAME. Though the series' focus may have shifted from Reginald VelJohnson to Jaleel White, VelJohnson is the only member of the cast to have appeared in every one of the show's 215 episodes.


Family Matters Season X. Has it ever occurred to you that the ending of Family Matters was not the TRUE ending of Family Matters? That, if CBS would have given them one last chance, they could have made some heart-pounding episodes leading up to a series finale. Okay, you probably have a life, so this may have never ...


Oct 3, 2017 ... Jaleel White may be best known for playing Steve Urkel — the clumsy but brilliant scientist and inventor neighbor to the Winslows on Family Matters — with ... But that iconic character was just one of White's many personae over the course of the sitcom's 215 episodes (he appeared in 204 of them, having ...


If you were a fan of sitcoms in the 1990's it is most likely you will have seen these “Family Mattersepisodes. These “Family Mattersepisodes feature the comedic relief of Steve Urkel, the annoying next door neighbor of the Winslow family. Whenever trouble arises, it seems that Steve is always near. “The Big Fix”.


Jan 28, 2015 ... The show increasingly used Steve until the show was mostly about him with the original Winslow family more or less just there for him to annoy each week. But the show slowly increased Urkel's intelligence level until he was casually inventing time machines and cloning people. Here are ten episodes, ...


Season 1 Show All Episodes. 30. 2065. 22. 271. First Date Tips. Episode 1: The Mama Who Came to Dinner. In the pilot episode, viewers meet the rest of Chicago Chron... Sep 22, 1989. 30. 4887. 22. 104. First Date Tips. Episode 2: Two-Income Family. Harriette loses her job as elevator operator at the Chicago... Sep 29 ...


Family Matters Summary: ER Season 6, Episode 10: Greene flies to San Diego when his father runs away from his retirement home. Former med student Deb Chen returns to the ER, now known as Jing-Mei Chen, and also a full-fledged doctor.


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May 31, 2016 ... Watch the episode. Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers. TEAM-BUILDING CATASTROPHE. After a not-so-glowing review from the general manager of the Juice Bar (slacking, not taking things seriously, bickering—you know, Chase and Savannah stuff), Todd decides that they're all going team-building.